NOAA Custom Charts: Everything You Need to Know

Bluewater Books & Charts has been vocal in advising the maritime community that paper charts are not going away. In short, everything is the same for you when it comes to buying paper charts from Bluewater.

However, NOAA has created a new, alternative system, to allow users to create their own chart based on custom coverage, scale, and features. These are called, NOAA Custom Charts.

How can I order a NOAA Custom Printed Chart?

1) Visit the NOAA Custom Chart Application and download a PDF of your customized chart.

2) Add this item to your cart and submit your order.

3) Send us your PDF: an invoice will be sent to your email when you place your order at which point you must REPLY and attach the PDF you created in step one and send it to us. If you have multiple PDF's, please email [email protected]

NOAA Custom Charts Portal