Cody Pisut

Originally posted March 22nd, 2024 by The Triton, Written by Kevin Maher

On March 16, Cody Pisut, 26, was involved in a serious scooter accident in St. Thomas, which left him in critical condition. Pisut, first mate on board M/Y Impulse, was on a scooter with a friend following him in their car when a car suddenly crossed into oncoming traffic, hitting Pisut head on. Pisut sustained a severe thoracic aortic injury, cracked ribs, pneumothorax bruising, a partially collapsed lung, a compound fracture of his femur, and lacerations to most of his body. 

Pisut immediately received care on St. Thomas to repair the hemorrhaging arteries in his right arm, the bleeding to his left arm, numerous other deep cuts, and was given eight units of blood. He was then flown to Ryder Trauma Center in Miami for further medical care. There, Pisut had further scans, x-rays, and tests before undergoing aortic surgery, where they added a stent to repair a dissected portion. Pisut underwent another surgery for his left femur on Wednesday. He continues to recover.

“They’re telling us he’s going to need years of CT scans and monitoring because there are complications,” said Capt. Nick Brucato, Pisut’s captain aboard Impulse. “He’s got years and years of therapy for this. Thank God he had his helmet on.”

Brucato and his crew, along with Pisut’s mother, Jade, and father, Keith, have created a GoFundMe to help with Pisut’s recovery. With Pisut not only a member of the yachting community but also a Fort Lauderdale native, they hope the industry can come together to support a fellow crewmember.

“Cody’s passion for life, his resilient spirit, and unwavering determination to overcome this ordeal are truly inspiring. However, he cannot do it alone,” wrote Keira Rodriguez, a stew on Impulse. “That’s why we are reaching out to our community, both near and far, for support. Your generosity can make a significant difference on his journey to recovery.”

“He’ll go out of his way to do anything for anybody, he’s very caring,” Brucato said. “He’s one of the best mates I’ve ever had over 20 years.”

Every contribution to Pisut’s GoFundMe will go directly towards his medical expenses and rehabilitation costs while he focuses on healing. Visit the GoFundMe page here.