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Bluewater Books & Charts has the largest selection of nautical navigation supplies including Cruising Guides, Electronic & Paper Charts. Our Electronic Charts & Paper Charts cover all of the world's oceans & cruising ground.

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Bahamas & Caribbean Cruising is Open and Ready for Travel

Check out our Bahamas & Caribbean Passage Planner

The Bahamas and most of the Caribbean are open! Each country has their own protocols and timelines in regards to negative COVID-19 testing and entry. Check online resources and government announcements prior to travel.

Cruisers and yachts are starting to head to the Keys, the Bahamas, and Caribbean to enjoy the gorgeous tropical weather. Along with carrying the newest cruising guides and most detailed chartbooks we highly recommend updating your electronic charts before your trip due to the cartography changes that occured during this year's hurricane season.

If you need additional information or can't find what you need, please do not hesitate to email or call our expert Bluewater crew at +954-763-6533

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NV-Charts Region 12.1 - Virgin Islands (2016/17 Edition) covers St. Thomas to Sombrero. The nv-charts are characterized by fine contours and ea...
In stock
Price: $67.95 
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Skippers Medical Emergency Handbook 2ND Aid Sea

Step-by-step instructions, explanatory illustrations and flow charts provide an at-a-glance referen...
In stock
Price: $32.95 

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The authoritative guide to diving in the Bahamas, this stunning book covers over 180 dive and snorkel sites across the country, from Bimini to Little...
Out of Stock
Price: $21.95 
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Explorer Chartbook Near Bahamas 9TH ED 2020

This newly revised 9th Edition features 80 up-to-date large and small scale full-color charts and close...
In stock
Price: $79.95 

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Exumas The Kingdom Of Blue

With spectacular and quietly enchanting images by Italian photographer Alessandro Sarno, Exumas: The Kingdom of Blue hol...
In stock
Price: $120.00 
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NV Charts 12.2 Leeward Islands Anguilla to Dominica 2018/19

• 3 Passage Charts
• 13 Coastel Charts & 16 Details
• Charts Paper and digital
• Dig...
In stock
Price: $87.95 

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Waterway Guide Southern 2021

Note to the Customer: The 2021 editions of Waterway Guide feature a design update in their construction. The new editi...
In stock
Price: $42.95 
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Cruising Guide Virgin Islands 19TH ED 2020

This special 19th edition of CRUISING GUIDE TO THE VIRGIN ISLANDS is a post-hurricane edition. In Septem...
In stock
Price: $35.95 

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Sailor's Guide Windward Islands 20TH ED 2021-2022

By Chris Doyle and Lexi Fisher. This guide picks up where The Cruising Guide to the...
In stock
Price: $36.95 
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The flag of the United States Virgin Islands was adopted in 1921. It consists of a simplified version of the Great Seal of the United States between t...
In stock
Price: $18.95 

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The Bahamas is open for travel! Below you’ll find some excellent navigation and cruising resources from our Bahamas & Caribbean Passage Planner

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