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Bluewater Books & Charts
 has the largest selection of nautical navigation supplies including Cruising Guides, Electronic & Paper Charts. Our Electronic Charts & Paper Charts cover all of the world's oceans & cruising ground.

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As the calendar nears October and the leaves turn color in the Northeast, cruisers gather in the Chesapeake Bay preparing to “head south” for the winter season. If you're waiting for the hurricane season to end and to get a good weather window before starting your passage south, Bluewater Books and Charts has all of the latest charts and guides to plan your trip.

Below we’ve listed a sample of the charts (both paper and electronic), cruising guides, books, flags, and other related items we stock to give you great experience on the water.

If you need additional information or can't find what you need, please do not hesitate to call our expert Bluewater crew at +954-763-6533
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Explorer Chartbook Near Bahamas 9TH ED

9th ed. Includes 77 large- and small-scale colour charts and close-ups, covering Gulf Stream...
In stock
Price: $79.95 
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The authoritative guide to diving in the Bahamas, this stunning book covers over 180 dive and snorkel sites across the country, from Bimini to Little...
In stock
Price: $21.95 

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Waterway Guide Southern 2021

Updated annually, the Waterway Guide Southern 2021 edition is the indispensable cruising companion for boaters explori...
In stock
Price: $42.95 
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Exumas The Kingdom Of Blue

With spectacular and quietly enchanting images by Italian photographer Alessandro Sarno, Exumas: The Kingdom of Blue hol...
In stock
Price: $120.00 

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Cruising Guide Virgin Islands 19TH ED 2020

This special 19th edition of CRUISING GUIDE TO THE VIRGIN ISLANDS is a post-hurricane edition. In Septem...
In stock
Price: $35.95 
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The flag of the United States Virgin Islands was adopted in 1921. It consists of a simplified version of the Great Seal of the United States between t...
In stock
Price: $18.95 

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New in 2019

Now featuring data from Explorer Charts for the Bahamas

Provides detailed coverage of the eastern co...
In stock
Price: $219.99 
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Waterway Guide Bahamas 2020

Updated annually, the Waterway Guide Bahamas 2020 edition is the indispensable cruising companion for boaters exploring...
In stock
Price: $42.95 

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NV-Charts Region 12.1 - Virgin Islands (2016/17 Edition) covers St. Thomas to Sombrero. The nv-charts are characterized by fine contours and ea...
In stock
Price: $67.95 
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NAM027 Central America and the Caribbean MAX (SD Card) brings electronic charts to life. See NavAids on-screen exactly as they appear th...
In stock
Price: $279.00 

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