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America's Great Loop Passage Planner

Fun in the sun can only last so long and boaters need to start thinking about heading north. Florida and Caribbean cold fronts become less and less common as winter comes to an end which means hurricane season is right around the corner. Along with carrying the newest cruising guides and most detailed chartbooks we highly recommend updating your electronic charts before your trip in order to confidently cruise with the most up to date cartography.

If you need any help with your passage planning please email, call, and chat with Chris, Russell or any of our fine Bluewater Crew who have many years of experience bringing our cruising customers north. Feel free to stop by and see us in Ft. Lauderdale.

Safe Passages!

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Maptech Guide Chesapeake Bay To Florida 7TH ED

Cape May and Delaware Bay through the Chesapeake and Intracoastal Waterway and offshore to Fernandin...
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Price: $39.95 
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NOS 12327 New York Harbor

Chart Number: 12327
Title: New York Harbor
Scale: 1:40000
Size: 36.0" x 52.0"
Edition #: 105
Edition Date: 20...
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Price: $20.75 

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New in 2019

ChartKit Region 6, 14th Edition Norfolk Va. to Florida and the Intracoastal Waterway

Norfolk, VA, to...
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Updated in 2019

NA-Y063 Chesapeake Bay to Cuba - microSD™/SD™

Format: SD/MicroSD
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Price: $339.00 

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Visual Cruising Guide Southern New England features aerial photos matched with chart segments to guide you through channels and harbor a...
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New in 2019

Now featuring data from Explorer Charts for the Bahamas

Provides detailed coverage of the eastern co...
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Each year hundreds of boaters (sailors and power cruisers) travel on this sheltered water trail along the Atlantic east coast. Navigatin...
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Waterway Guide Northern 2020

Updated annually, Waterway Guide Northern 2020 edition is the indispensable cruising companion for boaters exploring t...
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The Solar Puff Bright Flat Packable Inflatable Light is designed with sustainable and high-performance fabric specifically engineered for dura...
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Price: $30.00 

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Fleet One Coastal Americas Leisure Plan

The Americas Leisure Plan allows boaters to go to the Bahamas, Caribbean, and beyond with unlimited and reliable data.

How much does it cost?
• Fleet One offers Unlimited Data at just $240 a month
• Seasonal Flexibility with Service Suspension Options
• Antenna and BDU for just $3000 plus installation fee (if required)
• Optional Satellite Phone for $350

What sort of speed and reliability can I expect?
• Fleet One offers and industry leading 150kbs
• 150kbs are perfect for text, talk, email, and more
• Inmarsat Satellites have 99.9% network availability
• Includes 505 emergency line direct to a rescue center

How do I install the compact antenna?
• Installation is Plug and Play with only a few bolts, and two cables
• Install it yourself or have it installed by Bluewater (with installation fee)

If you have any questions about Fleet One call 954-763-6533 or email inmarsat@bluewaterweb.com