Secret Places: 100 Undiscovered Travel Destinations Around the World

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 Secret Places offers insider tips on extraordinary but less-traveled destinations worldwide!

In a post-pandemic world, people are eager to travel again. Yet, popular vacation destinations are far less appealing than they once were. This book is a much-needed alternative to overcrowded tourist spots and perfect for planning your crowd-free vacation.

Readers are invited on an exciting journey of discovery: to the Stone Age on the Vega Archipelago, on a cart through Bagan, or on a hike in the Hajar Mountains.

  • The list of over 100 destinations includes natural wonders such as the Chocolate Hills on the Philippine island of Bohol, and architectural wonders such as the Sun Miracle at Abu Simbel.
  • Includes helpful suggestions and insights for any aspiring world travelers.
  • Almost 500 lush, full-color images.

This substantial book does what most travel books don't—offers insider tips on places that are a bit hidden away but still offer a fantastic experience. Inspiring photographs