Software & Marine PC Setup Services

Software & Marine PC Setup Services

Provided by Bluewater Navigation Experts

Yacht Bridge Computer Install

Software Setup

Bluewater's team of marine electronics and navigation experts work directly with you to provide the best service possible. Because of this we are the #1 dealer of Timezero navigation software in the country. Other software we provide include One Ocean, Compass, Navtor, ARMS, and more. No matter the size or purpose of your vessel, our goal is make sure you can navigate safely and efficiantly, with top of the line hardware, software, and weather monitoring systems.

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Timezero Navigator & Professional

A full marine navigation software solution for recreational sailors or professional navigation. Standard features include Advanced Route Planning, 3D satellite imagery, and weather forecasts overlayed on detailed MM3D charts. Timezero software has two main objectives: Supreme control and comfort.

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Timezero Modules

Advanced modules add features to the software which can for example improve navigation or aid in the management of hardware and personnel. Detect what surrounds you, discover the bottom of the sea like never before. Find a wide range of other modules designed to meet the needs of marine professionals as well as recreational boaters.

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Inmarsat Fleet one

Fleet One Coastal

When you’ve sailed beyond the reach of terrestrial networks such as radio, shore-side Wi-Fi, 4G & 5G mobile broadband and LTE, Fleet One satellite internet capability keeps you online, with basic voice and internet anywhere, any time. Check in with family and friends, accurately track, trace and record your latest catch, and improve your boat’s operational efficiency and safety with Fleet One. Fleet One Coastal also provides vital assistance with route planning and navigation through weather and chart updates. What’s more, it provides peace of mind knowing you can connect to land anytime.

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Navigation Computers

Need to install Timezero, unlock an S-63 Module, and download tons of charts for you next destination, but you don't know how or if your current computer can handle it? Let Bluewater set your vessel up for success without lifting a finger. Bluewater provides marine pc's and laptops pre-programmed with your exact preferences based on your individual needs.