Extreme Seafloor Detail with CMOR Mapping Data Cards

CMOR Mapping’s game-changing, high-resolution bathymetric imagery brings the ocean floor into an entirely new level of focus for anglers and divers.

o CMOR Mapping data comes from methodical surveys of the entire bottom with high-resolution echo sounders — not point soundings and historical records.
o Wide regions include South Florida, East Gulf of Mexico, Florida Mid Grounds, West Gulf of Mexico, North Florida to South Carolina, Mid-Atlantic Ocean, Tampa to Cape Sable, and newly added Southern California.

o With resolution as high as 1 meter — meaning each pixel equals a square meter of bottom — we show you every ledge, coral head, and sunken culvert in unprecedented detail.

o We carry CMOR chips for use in Foruno, Simrad, Raymarine, Lowrance, B&G, and Mercury VesselView