What Every New Yacht Stewardess Should Know

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What Every New Yacht Stewardess Should Know!

ARE YOU..... NEW CREW? Are you inspired by adventure, motivated by a desire to succeed, and searching for a career that will open countless avenues of opportunity? Join the ranks of professional yacht crew! Travel to the far reaches of the world, enjoy sand and sea and easily prepare for your retirement. Launch your future in the yachting industry as a stewardess! Read inside about the broad scope of this profession and the benefits that no other career can offer. Yacht owners all over the world are desperate for stewards and stewardesses and are seeking vibrant likeable men and women to become a part of their team.

NEW CAPTAIN? Are you a captain new to having crew under your command? This manual will help you understand the scope of a stewardess job and enable you to be sensitive to the demands of her work day so you can maximize her effectivenes and maintain a happy onboard environment. Perhaps you are a solo captain who must perform some stewardess duties and would benefit from insight into the expectations of your owners.

NEW OWNER? Are you a new yacht owner? Learn what you should expect of your stewardess, how to communicate with her and gain some insight into the demands of her day. Perhaps you will run your boat yourself without the aid of crew. Use the information in this book to learn how to furnish, maintain, and organize your yacht thus maximizing your time on board!

BROKER OR CREW AGENT? Turn your novice stews into better informed and more capable prospects for your clients. This training manual will accelerate their learning and ensure that they are informed, professional and represent you well!

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# of pages: 132

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Author: Seatrust Yacht Services LLC