Weems SOS Distress Light And Daytime Distress Flag


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LEGALLY -- YOU'LL NEVER HAVE TO BUY FLARES AGAIN!!! Introducing the first and only non-pyrotechnics marine electronic visual SOS distress light. The SOS C-1001 Night Visual Distress light And Flag is designed, engineered, patented, and manufactured in the USA. Meeting all U.S. Coast Guard requirements for "Night Visual Distress Signals." This SOS Distress Light has no expiration date and includes a daytime distress signal flag! Features & Benefits: • Visible for 10+ nautical miles • Non-pyrotechnic • One-time purchase • Built-in flotation • LED lasts 6+ hours • Comes with daytime distress signal flag • Family-safe Distress Flag dimensions: 36 X 36 inch. Manufacturer: WEEMS AND PLATH