Weems Mintaka Duo Sensor Digital Barometer

SKU WP1942

Mintaka Duo Sensor Digital Barograph Compact design: 3.8” x 3.6” x 1.3” The Mintaka Duo's unparalleled precision makes it the perfect companion to any individual or organization who relies heavily on accurate weather routing and forecasting information. Its compact size is ideal for marine navigation, but beyond its nautical application, this electronic barometer is the perfect solution for any application that requires dependable, accurate barometric pressure, such as small airports and agricultural markets. It interfaces with computers (Mac or PC) for enhanced graphic display, control, and data export. FEATURES AND BENEFITS Two independent, high-precision atmospheric pressure sensors Pressure units include: mb, hPa, kPa, in Hg, in H2O, cm H2O Graphic pressure history display, past 30 minutes to 120 days Choose between station or sea-level pressure display Portable or fixed location operation Export data or control the instrument from a Mac or PC computer Made in the USA