Waterway Guide Digital Edition - 12 Month Subscription Card


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Waterway Guide Digital Subscription Card (Each Card Contains 1 Unlock Key for any Waterway Guide you Choose)

This Digital Subscription Card unlocks a 12-month digital subscription and membership to America’s Waterway Guide. Choose your favorite cruising region! Includes access to 1 regional cruising guide of your choice in the Waterway Guide Mobile App (iOS & Android) and Online.

The member ship also includes:
•Complimentary one-year BoatUS membership•Real time Navigation Alerts, Fuel Prices and Hurricane Status email updates
•Rewards points for Reviews,Navigation Alerts & Updates
•Discounts from Waterway Guide
•Points of Interest & planning tools in online Explorer
•Weekly boating news & stories
•Weekly Navigation Alerts from USCG, USACE and more

Select from:

  • Cuba
  • Bahamas
  • Florida Keys
  • Western Gulf Coast
  • Southern
  • Atlantic ICW
  • Chesapeake Bay
  • Great Lakes Volume 1
  • Great Lakes Volume 2
  • Northern