USCG Oil Record Book For Ships - Parts 1 & 2


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This record book is issued by the Secretary of Homeland Security and is distributed by the United States Coast Guard to ships of American registry. It remains the property of the United States Government and each owner / operator is responsible to maintain and surrender it in accordance with the Secretary's regulations.

Note that the Oil Record Book is one book with two parts:

  • Machinery Space Operations is under Part 1
  • Cargo / Ballast Operations is under Part II.

Each oil tanker of 150 gross tons and above, every ship of 400 gross tons and above other than oil tankers, and manned fixed or floating drilling rig or other platform shall maintain an Oil Record Book Part 1 (Machinery Space Operations). An oil tanker of 150 gross tons and above or a non oil tanker that carries 200 cubic meters or more of oil in bulk, shall also maintain an Oil Record Book Part II (Cargo / Ballast Operations) 8.5" x 11" 78 pages (45 usable pages)