Transponder Sign 150MM X 150MM Vinyl With Text


RADAR TRANSPONDER SIGN (50MM X 50MM VINYL) is a IMO approved safety sign with self adhesive peel off backing. Printed in accordance with SOLAS Chapter III, Regulation 9.2.3, Resolution A 752 (18) using Class 'B' Photoluminescent Strontium Aluminate Oxide pigment, these IMO signs glow 10 times longer than those supplied by most other manufacturers and are produced specifically for the commercial shipping industry. A green square or rectangle with white symbols and/or text represents a safe condition or escape route. Technical Information: Photoluminescent Self-Adhesive Vinyl; Flexible laminated PVC composite material incorporating a photoluminescent layer thermally welded to a white reflective layer, backed with pre-applied adhesive; Thickness: 0.6mm; Indoor durability: in excess of 5 years; Outdoor durability: good, but can reduce in strong sunlight and humidity; Toxicity: non-toxic, non-radioactive and contains no phosphorous or lead; Chemical resistance: resistant to most common cleansing agents; Flammability: inherently fire retardant; Adhesive: cross-linked acrylic, pressure sensitive permanent adhesive with silicone release backing paper; Luminance performance: in excess of 46mcd/m2 @ 10 mins. and 4mcd/m2 @ 60 mins. when tested in accordance with DIN 67510-1 Part 1. Installation procedures: Self-Adhesive products - For satisfactory installation of self-adhesive signs, posters and tapes, surfaces should be smooth, clean, dust and grease free. Peel off the backing paper, align the item to ensure it is straight, and allow one edge to stick to the mounting surface. Work away from the center of this edge gently smoothing the product into place with a wad of soft clean cloth, ensuring no air bubbles are trapped. NB. Self-adhesive products are not suitable for applying to emulsion surfaces.