Superyachts Vol 4 1991

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SUPERYACHTS 4 1991 In this year's 4th edition of THE SUPERYACHTS, the publication endeavours to provide its readers with interesting, essential and inspirational reading in the form of 1991's equally impressive motor and sail constructions. Amongst this year's selection, particularly interesting designs appear in the form of Azteca, Martin Francis' steel hulled 53.5-metre design, charter-designed Christensen 41-metre Bonheur II, and of course, the wonderfully crafted and unique Altair, with it's beautiful wooden interior. With the publication of this 4th edition of THE SUPERYACHTS, over 100 exceptional craft will have been illustrated within the pages of our first 4 volumes. In this annual, we have taken the best designs of 1991 as the superyacht industry continues to move forward. Starting with the wonderfully historic sailing yacht Altair, originally constructed by Fifes of Fairlie in 1931, the volume goes on to look at the other end of the design spectrum, featuring the likes of L'Aquasition, the 44-metre jet boat capable of 25-knots and the new Delta Marine high-profile glassfibre construction, Princess Gloria.