Stone Agate Geode - Bookends, 3-4lbs, Blue

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Agate is a cryptocrystalline variety of silica, chiefly chalcedony, characterized by its fineness of grain and brightness of color. Although agates may be found in various kinds of rock, they are classically associated with volcanic rocks and can be common in certain metamorphic rocks. The surface of these bookends have polished while the outer rim of the bookends still retain the natural rough crust of the agate.

The bookend is cut by precision cutting agate stone, to accommodate a variety of decorative themes for your home and do not represent the natural color of the agate material. Agate Bookends creates a cool, relaxing atmosphere with its subtle color and vibrant crystal pattern. gives you a natural beauty, feel nature's low-key luxury extraordinary.The main functions are:Bookends, collection, decoration.