Sailing For Dummies 3rd Edition

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Buoy your sailing knowhow with advice from two US sailing champions

Nothing can beat the feel of the warm sun on your back, the gentle wind in your hair, and a swaying deck under your feet. If you long to take to the open water and sail wherever the wind takes you, you’ll find everything you need to know in Sailing For Dummies. This friendly guide offers information for beginning and intermediate captains. Discover everything you need to know to confidently navigate your vessel through whatever waters—rough or smooth—you may encounter. Whether your goal is to explore a nearby lake, sail down the Mighty Mississippi, or take to the open sea, Sailing For Dummies explains how to launch your vessel, tie knots, turn sails, read the water, and more.

  • Figure out how to work with the wind using sails

to reach your destination

  • Find out how the latest technology makes sailing easier and more enjoyable
  • Master the essential skills of docking, tying knots, and dropping anchor
  • Learn how to read the wind, sea, and sky to know what the weather is up to
  • Choose the boat that’s right for you, complete with bells and whistles
  • Discover the basics of windsurfing and kiteboarding
  • Satisfy your need to go farther and faster in your craft
  • Know how to sail safely in tricky situations

Whether you’re dipping your toe in the water or knee deep in your pursuit of sailing excellence, this reference will come in handy as you set your sights on sailing. After spending some time with Sailing For Dummies—and even more time on the water—you’ll know the ropes!

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