Reeds Maritime Flag Handbook 3RD ED

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The Reeds Maritime Flag Handbook (3rd Edition) is a handy pocket-sized guide, now revised for its third edition, is the perfect on-board reference to the maritime flags of the world and their usage.

Concise but comprehensive, it includes:
- National maritime flags
- Special ensigns, jacks, burgees, official and defence flags, and code flags
- Yacht club burgees
- Signal flags (including naval codes, distress signals and racing codes)
- Flag etiquette and usage (from positions to salutes to timing and more)

Expanded and updated for its third edition, the book now includes masthead burgees, as well as new advice on changing rules in European waters and beyond, and more information on the use of and etiquette surrounding local, regional and other unofficial flags.

If you have ever put to sea wondering about the different types of flag, how they are made up, and the dos and don'ts as well as traditions and myths of flying flags then this will be both a fascinating read and a useful on-board guide.