Queaz Away Travelers Wristband Pair


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Queaz Away Travelers Wristband Pair in Plastic Case

Queaz-Away is a non-drug aid for people on the go. The unpleasant effects of bumpy flights, choppy seas, winding roads, rocking trains, and spinning Ferris wheels can ruin a trip or outing. Queaz-Away wristbands exert gentle pressure on points on each wrist to minimize or eliminate the miserable effects of travel. Made of tough, long-lasting, washable materials. Safe and easy to use. Simply slip onto wrists, position, and enjoy your travel. No complicating buckles or adjustments. One size fits all. Handy carrying case included.

Wristbands: 1 Pair

Size: 4.38" L x 7.25" W x 1.00" H