MexWX: Mexico Weather For Boaters 3rd Edition

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MexWX: Mexico Weather For Boaters 3rd Edition

This is a concise guide to the Pacific Mexico’s Weather (WX) for recreational boaters visiting the Baja peninsula, the Sea of Cortez and mainland Mexico. Here is the meteorological “where and when” of prevailing winds and seas, hurricane season for itinerary planning, and the “how and why” of unique local weather for daily cruising.

- How to predict a gale in Tehuantepec and Papagallo

- Where to summer over in Pacific Mexico.

- How to receive critical weather reports by email, VHF, Ham, SSB, WX-fax, Internet downloads, all while underway on your boat in Mexican waters

- Includes a handy Frequency Guide

- Full index

Format: Paperback, illustrated

# of pages: 104

Size: 7” x 10” format

Author: Captain Pat Rains