Medical Logbook 2023 Edition

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This publication may be used both as a record book and a useful source of reference to medical provisions on board.

The log sheets enable recording of approximately 300 separate entries.

The book reproduces MSN 1905 (M+F), including the Annexes:

Annex 1: Medical stores required and recommended additional equipment for workers

Annex 2: Additional requirements for passenger vessels – Doctor’s Bag

Annex 3: First aid kits

Annex 4: Advice on medicines to be carried on ships (including ferries) transporting dangerous substances

Annex 5: Medical documents to be carried and Telemedical Advice Services (TMAS)

Annex 6: Guide to the use of medicines

Annex 7: Requisition form for obtaining controlled drugs

Annex 8: Completion of the controlled drugs register.