Mauch's Sailboat Guide V 3

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The Sailboat Guide series is for yacht brokers, yard managers, marine surveyors, marine lenders, prospective sailboat buyers, and sailboat buffs.

Since 1991, Mauch's Sailboat Guide has been a reference source for reliable information on almost 1,200 sailboats from over 100 manufacturers. The set consists of four supplemental volumes. Comb-bound, the books' pages are 5.5 X 8.5.

Volume I, written in 1991, includes over 350 sailboat designs from 80 manufacturers. Volume II, written in 1994, includes over 400 sailboats from 90 manufacturers. Volume III, released in September 1998, includes over 400 sailboats from over 100 manufacturers. Volume IV just published in 2004 includes over 400 new and used sailboats from 80 manufacturers.

The Guides include specs, line drawings, a concise review of each sailboat, and interior layouts and underwater profiles when available. There is no duplication between volumes and Volumes III and IV Table of Contents cross-references Volumes I and II for ease of reference.