Jimmy Cornell World Voyage Planner 3rd Edition

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Planning a Voyage from Anywhere in the World to Anywhere in the World

World Voyage Planners a comprehensive guide for planning a voyage from anywhere in the world to anywhere in the world. The fully revised and updated second edition deals with all the elements that would ensure a successful voyage, by providing practical advice for would-be voyagers on planning a safe and enjoyable trip. Essential aspects of preparations for an offshore voyage are based on comprehensive surveys with a wide range of experienced long-distance sailors, many of them circumnavigators.

While the main focus is on the most popular cruising the routes, there are also suggested voyages to some less frequented destinations.

This book provides practical guidance on all topics related to developing the right cruising strategy, including:

  • Planning voyages under the most favourable conditions, whether in the tropics or high latitudes
  • Latest charts with winds and currents for passages in every ocean
  • Global cruising hubs
  • World weather systems
  • Planning advice on voyages to the most attractive cruising destinations
  • The most popular cruising routes, as well as some less frequented destinations
  • Suggested circular voyages in the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans
  • Complete outlines of round-the-world voyages starting from anywhere in the world
  • An overview of the global movement of cruising yachts

Jimmy also provides invaluable advice on voyage practicalities, including:

  • Services available in all the major cruising hubs
  • Places to leave the boat if crew need to fly home
  • Suggestions on alternative routes if forced to change plans
  • Emergency stops for medical reasons, major repairs or crew

Format: Flexicover

# of pages: 352

Author: Jimmy Cornell