CHS SDIR ATL 110 St Lawrence River 2024/02 (French)



CHS SDIR ATL 110 St Lawrence River 2022 (French)

CHS SDIR ATL 110 St Lawrence River 2022 (French)The Canadian Sailing Directions - ATL 110 (3rd Edition) covers St. Lawrence River, Cap Whittle/Cap Gaspe to Les Escoumins and Anticosti Island. Sailing Directions provides important information regarding navigation, which may not be found on charts or within other marine publications. They are intended to be read in conjunction with the charts quoted in the text. This edition is now available as Print-on-Demand (POD). POD booklets are updated through Notices to Mariners to the date of printing. 

Author: CHS

Date: 2021

Format: Comb Bound Booklet

Number of Pages: 103

CHAPTER 1 Détroit de Jacques-Cartier and north shore of St. Lawrence River —
Cap Whittle to Pointe des Monts, and north shore of Anticosti Island
General ___________________________________________________ 1-1
Cap Whittle to Pointe de Natashquan ________________________1-3
Pointe de Natashquan to Baie Johan-Beetz ___________________1-7
Baie Johan-Beetz to Rivière Saint-Jean _____________________1-10
Port of Havre-Saint-Pierre _______________________________1-11
Anticosti Island — North Shore — Pointe Ouest to Pointe de l’Est ___
Rivière Saint-Jean to Sept-Îles ____________________________1-17
Port of Sept-Îles _______________________________________1-20
Sept-Îles to Pointe des Monts _____________________________1-25
CHAPTER 2 Détroit d’Honguedo and south shore of St. Lawrence River —
Cap Gaspé to Sainte-Félicité, and south shore of Anticosti Island
General ___________________________________________________ 2-1
Cap Gaspé to Cap de la Madeleine __________________________2-3
Cap de la Madeleine to La Martre _________________________2-13
La Martre to Cap Chat __________________________________2-15
Cap Chat to Sainte-Félicité _______________________________2-19
Anticosti Island — South Shore — Pointe Heath to Pointe Ouest
CHAPTER 3 Pointe des Monts to Les Escoumins — Matane to Trois-Pistoles
General ___________________________________________________ 3-1
Pointe des Monts to Pointe Saint-Pancrace ____________________3-3
Port of Baie-Comeau_____________________________________3-4
Pointe Saint-Gilles to Forestville ___________________________3-8
Forestville to Anse aux Basques ___________________________3-10
Matane to Pointe-au-Père ________________________________3-13
Port of Matane_________________________________________3-14
Port of Rimouski_______________________________________3-18
Rimouski to Trois-Pistoles _______________________________3-19