CHS SDIR ATL 109 Gulf Of St Lawrence NE 2023/11 (French)



CHS SDIR ATL 109 Gulf Of St Lawrence NE 2022 (French)

The Canadian Sailing Directions - ATL 109 (1st Edition) covers the Gulf of St. Lawrence (Northeast Portion). Sailing Directions provides important information regarding navigation, which may not be found on charts or within other marine publications. They are intended to be read in conjunction with the charts quoted in the text. This edition is now available as Print-on-Demand (POD). POD booklets are updated through Notices to Mariners to the date of printing.

Author: CHS

Date: 2021

Format: Comb Bound Booklet

Number of Pages: 129

CHAPTER 1 Strait of Belle Isle
General _________________________________________________________ 1-1
Cape Bauld to Capstan Point _______________________________________ 1-3
Camp Islands to Red Bay _________________________________________ 1-15
Red Bay to Lourdes-de-Blanc-Sablon _______________________________ 1-20
Blanc-Sablon Harbour____________________________________________ 1-27
CHAPTER 2 Basse-Cĉte-Nord, Gulf of St. Lawrence (Brador to Cap Whittle)
General _________________________________________________________ 2-1
Longue Pointe to Baie Mistanoque___________________________________ 2-2
Baie des Belles Amours ____________________________________________ 2-2
Baie Mistanoque to Île du Guet _____________________________________ 2-7
Île du Guet to Île du Petit Mécatina _________________________________ 2-10
Archipel du Gros Mécatina ________________________________________ 2-10
Île du Petit Mécatina to Cap Whittle ________________________________ 2-13
CHAPTER 3 Capstan Point to Cape St. Gregory
Capstan Point to Brig Bay__________________________________________ 3-1
Brig Bay to Port au Choix __________________________________________ 3-6
Port au Choix to Cow Head________________________________________ 3-13
Cow Head to Cape St. Gregory_____________________________________ 3-23
CHAPTER 4 Cape St. Gregory to Channel Head
Cape St. Gregory and Bay of Islands _________________________________ 4-1
Bay of Islands to Long Point ________________________________________ 4-9
Long Point to St. George’s Harbour_________________________________ 4-18
St. George’s Harbour to Channel Head______________________________ 4-24