Ballast Water Management 14th Edition - Understanding the regulations, treatment technologies and practical information

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Ballast Water Management 14TH ED

This publication provides up-to-date guidance on BWM regulations and equipment options and will assist ship owners with transition to full compliance with the BWM Convention.

It looks in detail at the various treatment systems and technologies, significant components and the implications for onboard operation, maintenance and contingency measures.

Since 28th October 2020, only BWMS holding a revised 2016 G8/BWMS Code certificate have been permitted to be installed. The book provides an extensive set of data sheets on systems that have been type approved through the USCG and BWM Convention testing procedures. These summarise the treatment technology, type approval certification and system design limitations, so that ship owners can evaluate different systems and make an informed decision before purchasing.

The Appendices contain an updated list of IMO Guidance Documents for the BWM Convention. They also describe key invasive species and illustrate native and invasive geographic ranges. A set of technical diagrams is also provided showing an example technical layout of a BWMS.