Bahamas Fine Art Canvas 32" X 42" (EARTH TONES)



The Poster Bahamas Satin ( Earth Tones ) (32" X 42") displays the Islands of the Bahamas, Florida and coastal Cuba. Size: 32” x 42” SATIN POSTER FORMAT: Vibrant, heavy-duty satin poster paper that creates Earth Tones. The silky finish will minimize glare and fingerprints. Printed with UV resistant ink that maintains exceptional image quality and prevents color fading. Satin Poster prints are excellent for high-traffic areas, as they are durable and suited for use in classrooms, public meeting locations, children’s rooms, hallways, and other busy settings. Manufacturer: Island Map Store **Please note these maps are for decorative purposes only. While accurate and detailed with marine information, these maps are not to be used for navigation.**