Ashley Book Of Knots

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Ashley Book of Knots: Every Practical Knot - What It Looks Like, Who Uses It, Where It Comes From, and How to Tie It

The definitive book on knots--including approximately 3,900 different kinds of knots, from simple hitches to "Marlingspike Seamanship, this book and a piece of cord will open a new and challenging world of practical adventure to readers of all ages.

The Ashley Book of Knots includes almost everything there is to know about knots, each precisely named and classified (with some new knots officially listed for the first time in the original 1944 publication). Mr. Ashley describes when each knot initially appeared, something about their history, and what each knot is best used for.

Including an easy-to-use index of knots, Mr. Ashley gives explicit directions on how to tie each knot. Devoting eleven years to writing his masterpiece, he describes each step simply and clearly and penned some 7,000 illustrative drawings alongside the text. This classic resource is based on forty years of looking for, trying out, and thinking up new knots. Mr. Ashley's drawings abound in humor and the text is full of colorful anecdotes. The Ashley Book of Knots will make a unique and permanent addition to any library.

Format: Hardcover

# of pages: 640

Size: 11.28" L x 8.74" W x 1.65" H

Author: Clifford Ashley