Antarctica and the Arctic British Antarctic Survey Map

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Antarctica and the Arctic presented together at 1:10,000,000, each as one side of a double-sided map from the British Antarctic Survey and shown within the circle of 60° of latitude. The newly updated, folded version of this title was published in 2023.

On one side is a map of the Antarctic including South Shetland and South Orkney Islands. The map has contour lines at 500m intervals drawn on satellite-based relief shading, plus colouring for rocky outcrops in the coastal areas; also shown is the approximate size of the sub-glacial Lake Vostok. Permanent scientific research stations are marked, plus the UK summer-only stations. For panels in the map corners provide more information: the Southern Ocean within the latitude of 90º south, the sea ice extent and the Antarctic Polar Front, the rock surface beneath the ice sheet, plus size comparison between Antarctica and UK. The map also includes a list of basic facts about Antarctica: its area with/without ice shelf, different height measurements, plus ice thickness and volume.

On the reverse is the Arctic with altitude colouring on the surrounding land masses, plus on Greenland also contours at 500m. Numerous topographic features (mountain ranges, etc) are names, as well as smaller islands off the Russian coast and sea channels in the Arctic part of Canada. The map shows international boundaries, towns, main road and rail connections and airports/airfields. Four additional panels show the extent of permafrost, extent of sea ice, land cover, plus countries in different colours. Also provided are brief notes “The Arctic and UK Science”.

On both maps, the oceans have bathymetric colouring. Latitude and longitude lines are drawn at 5º and 15º respectively. Full BAS reference for this title is “BAS (Misc) 15A and 15B”. This title is also available as a wall map.

Publisher The British Antarctic Survey

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