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Meet the Team

Bluewater's staff is a diverse mix of life long sailor's, maritime industry experts, and electronic navigation professionals. Many of our customers know and ask for staff by name because premier customer service is our goal. If you are interested in joining our team, check our careers page for current openings.

To see our large yacht coordinators who handle superyachts and bridge management, you can 'Meet the Team' at


Todd Stricklin

Owner, ext 210

Todd took ownership of Bluewater Books & Charts in 2024 and is a former member of the U.S. Navy.


Chris Metcalf

Electronic Navigation Team Leader, ext 213

Chris has been selling, installing, and troubleshooting electronic navigation systems for 7 years.


Russell Kirby

Sales Associate, ext 208

Russell was an avid sailor all his life and considers the Bahamas his second home. He has been with Bluewater for over 20 years.


Matt Feder

Electronic Sales Associate, ext 304

Matt does a fantastic job assisting our sales and electronic navigation departments.


Janice Rose

Director of Finance and Administration, ext 204

Janice joined Bluewater in 2017 and has been an integral piece toward the growth and financial stability of the company and relationships with our venders.


Davi Viera

Purchaser, ext 216

Davi is the purchaser for thousands of products in our catalog and is always looking for something new to bring to our customers.


Joe Faggione

Customer Service, ext 302

Joe has been been overseeing the shipping department for Bluewater for over 20 years.


Rachel McDonough

Merchandiser, ext 320

Rachel has many years of experience marketing and designing products around the world.