Weather Trainer Live Software

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Weather Trainer Live Software

Weather Trainer is a unique cloud-based, interactive teaching tool and live weather resource. It can be accessed with any computer, Mac or PC, or any tablet with internet connection.

It has been in use since the mid 90s, and is seamlessly kept up to date with latest changes in official sources and content. The latest rendition was launched in November, 2022.

A serial number will be included with your purchase confirmation email, with access instructions following in a final email no later than the next business day.

Weather technology provides mariners with increasingly sophisticated resources. The new Starpath Weather Trainer Live teaches you how they work and where to find them. Subjects include: Obtaining and using GRIB formatted data; NAVTEX broadcasts; standard and new radio sources; weather by sat phone; HF high seas reports; getting weather maps and numerical forecasts underway by email; route planning, and more. This program will make you an expert at weather map reading and usage.

Traditional skills will always prove to be irreplaceable in prudent navigation. For traditionalists (and those who know Murphy's Law still applies to on-board electronics) Weather Trainer Live offers a dynamic, hands-on way to identify and analyze the eternal natural signs of wind, sea, and sky. You'll learn how to use your barometer to its full potential, recognize clouds and their meanings, interpret changes in wind and sea conditions, and how to mold these observations into a realistic picture of existing and impending weather. And you'll learn how to use these observations to evaluate and fine tune official reports and weather maps.

This powerful, interactive training product gives you the working skills that would normally take years to acquire. It provides practical, thorough training that is both memorable and valuable. From weather basics for the beginner to advanced topics for seasoned mariners, the Weather Trainer Live can make anyone a more competent mariner.

All new "cloud" format

Weather Trainer Live is an interactive training service that requires an internet connection. All of the new live data and connections are stored on the internet using what has come to be called the "cloud technology." This is a look into the future of "software." Once you login to the program via the internet you are assured to have the latest version of all teaching materials and working resources, and then you can use them live online or print them for future use off line.

Your purchase of this product includes one year of access to the Weather Trainer Live service along with a one-year Starpath Webcard that provides access to other online resources from Starpath. After one year, extending your Starpath Webcard Services will automatically extend your access to Weather Trainer Live.

Format: Software downloadble with included access code.