Weems 7" Triangle Protractor



Often used in a combination of two, the Protractor Triangle provides a straightforward method of plotting and performing chart work. Each triangle is inscribed with black markings. The protractor scale on the triangle can aid in drawing a bearing line on a chart, and the 90° angle is helpful when determining lines of position. 

  • 7-3/4" sides x 11" (19.69cm x 27.94cm) hypotenuse
  • Protractor scale allows easy alignment with chart meridian in any direction
  • Direction is maintained as one triangle is slid along the other to desired position
  • 90° angle helps determine lines of position
  • Made from clear, durable vinylite

Length: 11 in (27.94 cm)

Width: 5.8 in (14.73 cm)

Height: 0.12 in (0.3 cm)

Weight: 0.2 lb (0.3 cm)