Superyachts Vol 13 2000

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Marking the year 2000 with the 13th volume of THE SUPERYACHTS, the most recent yachting designs are explored over 328 pages. Striking examples to note in this edition are La Baronessa, which succeeds in being both minimalistic yet complex in her Palmer Johnson design; Phryne, the comfortable 50-metre Perini Navi cruising yacht; and the 49.8-metre Thunder, the futuristic result of a Jon Bannenberg and Oceanfast collaboration, which sports 3 gas turbines and a unique construction to boot. Millenium designs for a millenium year. THE SUPERYACHTS volume 13 marks the new millenium, both in terms of years and in yachting. This edition celebrates the coming of tomorrow's technologies with a fine selection of sail and motor yachts. Particularly interesting in this year's publication is David Eng's beloved La Baronessa, an excellent example of how a superyacht of this type can be specially adapted and customised to its owner's needs, in this case, to an Oriental lifestyle with beautifully minimilistic interiors and clean furnishings. Also somewhat unique in style is the American sport fisherman styled 39.1-metre luxury motor yacht Red Sapphire. Continuing upon unique designs for the year 2000, attention should be drawn to the motor yacht Atlantide, recently brought up to date with a Tom Perkins refit, which mixes new millenium technology with 1930's art deco style.