Perfect Phrases In German For Confident Travel

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Fit in with the locals and avoid embarrassment by using the right phrase.

As you plan your trip to Germany, remember to pack this phrasebook! It is the only one that not only has the words and phrases you need to communicate clearly but also explains how to use them. With this knowledge, you will enjoy your journey and make a good impression on the Germans as you visit their country.

Useful German phrases and their correct usage:
Guten Tag! Hello! (GOO-ten tahk)

Although you may hear it, it is better not use "Hi!" yourself, since it could be interpreted as being too familiar.

Wo ist die Toilette? Where is the restroom? (voh ist dee toy-LET-tuh)
Some small cafés and bars in Germany actually charge a fee (usually about 50 euro cents) for using the toilet, even if you are a customer!

Wo ist die nächste Apotheke? Where is the nearest pharmacy? (voh ist dee NEX-tuh ah-po-TAY-kuh)
Remember that even nonprescription medicines that you can buy in any grocery store in the United States. will only be found in an Apotheke in Germany.

Gibt es ein Internetcafé in der Nähe? Is there an Internet café nearby? (gibt ess eyn in-ter-net-kah-FAY in dare NAY-uh)
If you're using the German QWERTZ keyboard, you'll notice there is no “@” key. You have to press the “Alt Gr” key plus “Q” to make the @-symbol appear.

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Author: Hyde Flippo