Navigation Workbook For Practice Underway

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Navigation Workbook For Practice Underway: For Power-driven and Sailing Vessels by David Burch and Larry Brandt

Includes free replacement forms and plotting sheets.

Add another dimension to your next day sail or cruise. This workbook makes it easy to add valuable training to almost any navigational observation. Even learn while at anchor. There are tons of interesting exercises to carry out just sitting in the cockpit reading a few gauges and looking around.

This exercise book has been used in onboard navigation training courses, power and sail, for many years. It was originally designed for students to carry on with practice when they were not on watch getting direct instructor training during extended training voyages. It can be used for day sails or long coastal passages.

Now available to the public, you can use this workbook to guide your own study underway to master techniques and procedures learned from classroom or home study. Once you master the skills of these exercises you can be confident you have a practical working knowledge of navigation. These are skills and procedures that every navigator should know.

It is designed to be worked in any waterway, underway or at anchor, at various times during one voyage or many. Instructions and forms are provided to document your work.

Format: Paperback

# of pages: 76

Size: 8.5" x 11"

Authors: David Burch and Larry Brandt