Megayachts USA Vol 10 2009

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MEGAYACHTS USA 10 2009 The 10th anniversary edition Wide range of yachts showcase a varied industry Stars behind the scenes – naval architects and designers Unconventional destinations – Northern Cyprus and Croatia Glossy pages celebrating industry in boundless growth From the classic 98ft fantail Canim, to the 220ft Allure Shadow, the scope of megayachts on view this year is as diverse as the architects and designers behind them. Making a big splash is the 153ft Ingot – Burger Boat Company's largest build to date – and her interior speaks volumes on classic American craftsmanship. Sailing across the world to Italy, we venture into the 171ft Tamsen, A Perini Navi ketch, whose crew comprises family members and friends with a 30-year sailing pedigree. Stepping aboard the Palmer Johnson sportyacht Dragon, one is cosseted by feeling of zen, wrapped in the utmost luxury. All of the yachts in this year's compilation contribute something unique to the owners and guests who cruise them. As the stars behind the scenes, the designers and naval architects are at the core of the industry, and plans for future builds – which can be seen in the Builder's and Designer's sections – prove that their imaginations have no limits. Judging by the sheer volume of new yachts entering the scene, it is no surprise that this year's listing of the world's Top 100 largest megayachts has grown exponentially. A true testament to the indsutry's growth in the last two years, the smallest yacht on this year's list is now at 213 feet and 7 inches. As yachtsmen continue to seek out the most diverse and uncharted cruising destinations, in this edition we discover the unexpected beauty of Northern Cyprus, where ancient ruins and the expansive open sea quietly awaits your arrival. For a more action-oriented adventure, cruise over to the Dalmatian coast in Croatia and experience the Med-influenced ambiance of this Adriatic-lined country. Celebrating an industry that is experiencing boundless growth, THE MEGAYACHTS USA is filled with glossy pages showcasing these fantastic fruits of labor. As vast as the waters on which they sail, this year's collection of luxury vessels not only illustrates the best builds of the North American market, but speaks volumes of the history-making people behind them. Yachts featured in this book: • Allure Shadow • Areti I & II • Canim • Destination Fox Harb'r Too • Dragon • Gallant Lady • Helios • Ingot • Martha Ann • Party Girl • Perle Bleue • Premier 130+ • President 107 • Sandrine • Serenity • SuRi • Tamsen • Vivere • Westport 112