Lifting Slings For Evacuation Stretcher


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Lifting Slings For Evacuation Stretcher The EVAC Lifting Slings have been designed for rescue and are made up of items conforming to the relevant standards for (PPE) personal protective equipment. They are for use with stretchers in mountaineering, industrial rescue and helicopter winching. The complete set is made up of 4 x 60cm twin eye slings, 4 steel oval karabiners and 2 medium and 1 large delta maillons. Each of the items can be used independently if needed. They come complete with their own equipment storage pouch. Specifications: Standards conforming to: Lanyards EN354, EN566, & EN795-B, Karabiner EN362 and Maillons EN362:05/Q & EN12275 Max length of each leg including connectors:73cm Weight Complete with connectors: 1.2kg Weight of Bag: 58g Standard Colour: Orange Conforming to: Lanyards: EN354, EN566, & EN795-B, Karabiner: EN362 Maillons: EN362:05/Q & EN12275