Law of Recreational Boating 1st Ed

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Recreational boating presents more than its fair share of legal hazards. An unsuspecting buyer may discover too late that the yacht is encumbered by secret maritime liens incurred by a previous owner. A marine insurer may deny coverage for a total loss based on a seemingly innocent misrepresentation in the insurance application.  A boat owner may mistakenly believe that a rescue from a grounding is covered by a prepaid towage plan, when in fact the rescuer will be making a very expensive claim for marine salvage. These and other dilemmas unique to maritime law appear repeatedly in the court decisions relating to recreational boating.  This book focuses on those maritime law issues that are most likely to affect the typical recreational boater.  It explains the legal concepts in plain language, giving examples from reported cases.  Where possible, the author provides practical advice on how to avoid the most-common pitfalls. It is a guide for all those in the recreational boating industry who want a better understanding of maritime law, and even for lawyers looking for a primer in this very specialized area of the law.