Just Enough French

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Just Enough French: How to Get by and Be Easily Understood

The perfect French phrase book for when you want to know just enough to enjoy yourself abroad

Your ideal companion while traveling in Europe - especially if you are a first-timer with little or no foreign language experience - this handy, pocket-size guide packs all the punch of bigger references in a much more concise, user-friendly format. While Just Enough French covers all the standard phrase book topics - including everything from days, months, currencies, and clothing sizes to food, shelter, and medical assistance - its quick-reference format and at-a-glance Q&A examples make it easier than ever to find just the right word or phrase for just about every occasion.

This second edition is thoroughly revised and now includes currency updates and coverage of the latest changes in travel - such as using ATMs for currency exchanges.

Format: Paperback

Size: 0.47" H x 6.4" L x 4.04" W 

# of pages: 160

Author: D.L. Ellis