Janes All The Worlds Aircraft: In Service Yearbook 2023 to 2024 Edition

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Janes All the World’s Aircraft: In Service Yearbook 23/24

Gauge airborne capabilities, threats and opportunities

This resource provides detailed insights into legacy civil and military air platforms currently in service and out of full production around the world. Janes All the World's Aircraft: In Service from Janes Group enables A&D businesses to identify revenue opportunities through maintenance, retrofit and upgrade programs, and supports military and security organizations through reliable open-source intelligence on legacy offensive and defensive capabilities.

Janes All the World's Aircraft: In Service helps you:

  • Compare active aircraft
  • Direct product development
  • Evaluate competitors, partners and acquisition targets
  • Target upgrade opportunities
  • Model air threat scenarios

Profiles on more 500+ civil and military aircraft in service globally including detailed technical, program and upgrade information:

  • Aircraft type, versions and variants
  • Design features, including systems and avionics
  • Implemented and planned upgrades
  • Photographs, three-views and diagrams
  • Retrofit packages
  • Operator and contractor information