Jamaican Registry Official Logbook And Crew List


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Jamaican Registry Official Logbook And Crew List is for Jamaican Ships no less than 200 Gross Tons engaged on International Voyages. This logbook provides a variety of log entries, with instructions for each type of log table included. Including log-tables for:
  • List of crew and report of character;
  • Births of members of the crew and other persons on board;
  • Record of musters, drills and inspections of related equipment;
  • Maintenance of watertight integrity of the ship;
  • Dates of departure/arrival at each dock, wharf, harbour or other place with draught of water & freeboard upon every occasion of the ship proceeding to sea.
Furthermore, the last page provides directions to the keeping of the Official Logbook. Author: Maritime Authority of Jamaica Publisher: Maritime Authority of Jamaica Edition Date: 2004 Number of Pages: 63