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Transas Admiralty Data Service (TADS) makes paperless navigation a reality, bringing official chart data and other information directly to your ECDIS to meetSOLAS carriage requirements. TADS is available to Transas ECDIS users and users of other ECDIS systems.

Designed to increase safety, save time and simplify chart handling, TADS offers the best coverage and the most accurate data available. Service, support and consultancy services are all available to help you optimize your navigational needs onboard.




Transas SENC service

Official Electronic Navigational Charts (ENC) data converted and ready for use in your Transas ECDIS, saving you time and increasing efficiency (Transas ECDIS users only)

AVCS (ENCs that work on any ECDIS brand)

Official ENC data in a standardized format compatible with any
ECDIS, regardless of brand (Transas supplies this to non-Transas
ECDIS customers)

Admiralty Digital Publications

Admiralty List of Lights, Admiralty Radio Signals Vol. 6 and
TotalTide may replace the paper versions making it easier for the

Weather services

Transas offers high-resolution weather forecasts from well-
renowned Meteo Consult. The weather is normally supplied with
other data directly from the Transas Chart Server for route
optimization in Navi-Planner. If Navi-Planner is not used onboard, the SPOS® program can provide route optimization and weather prediction.

Admiralty Information Overlay (AIO)

T&P Notices from Admiralty Notices to Mariners together with
additional information from the United Kingdom Hydrographic
Office (UKHO) validation program

Consultancy services

Transas helps you to prepare for the move towards paperless
navigation. Office processes are just as important as those
onboard. Transas provides all the training and support you need to
administrate your vessels.



Electronic Navigational Charts (ENC) is the official chart data compiled for ECDIS systems in accordance with SOLAS regulations. Before the ENCs can be presented in the ECDIS, they must be converted to the system’s own internal format, which creates System Electronic Navigation Charts (SENC).
Transas performs the conversion to SENC before sending the data to the vessel. This allows us to test and validate the data as well as relieve the onboard personnel from the time consuming conversion to SENC.
Transas SENCs are created from the Admiralty Vector Chart Service (AVCS) data. The SENC process is fully tested and approved by Det Norske Veritas (DNV).





Electronic Navigational Chart compiled
and coded according to the IHO
Standards (S57 Version 3.1)



Based on official ENC data for use in
type approved ECDIS



Weekly updates available



Easy chart handling online using
Transas Navi-Planner and Transas Chart



Using Navi-Planner program

ECDIS must convert from ENC to
SENC itself


There is a very big difference in
time required for installing
SENCs vs. ENCs

Delivered to the onboard ECDIS in its
own readable format, saving valuable
installation time


As supplied on TADS CD/DVD


  • TADS gives you full compliance with the ECDIS mandating and paperless navigation;
  • You’ll benefit from the most comprehensive official ENC data available as SENC for Transas ECDIS;
  • Chart handling could not be easier, using Navi-Planner and the Transas Chart Server;
  • SENCs are installed significantly faster than ENCs;
  • Transas offers a ‘Pay As You Sail’ solutions together with TADS;
  • 24/7 support;
  • A complete package of digital solutions and tools;
  • Transas performs additional quality checks to all the ENC data during the SENC conversion.


Display of time dependent objects in Transas ECDIS

Some ENC charts include objects which display depends on the current date. Some objects, such as traffic separation schemes, may have a date when they are introduced or discontinued. These objects are not normally displayed beyond their effective dates.

The software patch for fixing the “Time-dependent objects (TDO)” problem in Transas MFD 4000 ECDIS and Transas Navi-Sailor 3000 ECDIS-I is available to all Transas ECDIS users. To download patches for different ECDIS versions please 
click here.