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Great Lakes

The Great Lakes of the United States and Canada are not only the largest body of lakes in the world but also afford the cruiser some of the most spectacular and beautiful vistas in the world.

If your cruising Lake Erie , take the opportunity to stroll the downtown in Sandusky, Ohio to view the interesting 19th century limestone buildings. If you're transiting between Lake Huron and Lake Michigan, Mackinac Island is a must-see. For the romantic cruiser spend a night or two at the Grand Hotel. There are no automobiles allowed on the island and you can use a horse and carriage to get around taking you back to a bygone era. If you happen to be in Lake Superior, make your way over to the Apostle Islands. If visiting big cities is your thing, Toronto, Cleveland, Detroit and of course Chicago have anchorages, marinas and unlimited sightseeing opportunities.


Guides, Pilots, and Sailing Directions

Item # Title Edition
9781732514294 Waterway Guide Great Lakes Volume 1 2020
9781733223300 Waterway Guide Great Lakes Volume 2 2020
2980783404 Cruising Guide St Lawrence River & Quebec Waterways 2010
SBCTSC19 Cruising Trent Severn Georgian Bay 2019
SBCGL17 America's Great Loop 2017
9781542322058 100 Great Stops On Americas Great Loop 2017
GOVCP620 US Coast Pilot 6 Great Lakes 2020
LLVOL720 List of Lights Great Lakes Volume 7 2020
QUIM2020 Quimby's Cruising Guide
Canadian Sailing Directions  



Item # Title Edition
LS4 Lake Superior 2011
LM10 Lake Michigan 2016
LH7 Lake Huron 2013
LE7 Lake Erie 2015
LO7 Lake Ontario 2018
HR3 Hudson River & Adjacent Waterways 2013


Paper Charts

Item # Title
NOS14500 Great Lakes Overall  
NOS14961 Lake Superior  
NOS14901 Lake Michigan  
NOS14860 Lake Huron  
NOS14820 Lake Erie  
NOS14800 Lake Ontario  


Electronic Charts

Item # Title
C-Map 4D  
NAD026 MSD Great Lakes, Northeast Coast & Approaches 4D
C-Map Max-N  
NAY026 MSD Great Lakes, Northeast Coast & Approaches Max-N
C-Map Max
NAM026 MSD Great Lakes, Northeast Coast & Approaches Max
NAM026 C card Great Lakes, Northeast Coast & Approaches Max
Navionics Plus  
Nav+ MSD All US Bahamas and Canada
Navionics Platinum  
900P+ MSD West Great Lakes
901P-2 MSD East Great Lakes
902P-2 MSD Nova Scotia - St. Lawrence River
Garmin G3  
US604X MSD US All & Canadian West Coast g3
LCA100F MSD Cananda Lakevu HD
Garmin G3 Vision  
LVCA100Z MSD Canada Lakes Lakevu Ultra
LVUS106Z MSD East Great Lakes Lakevu Ultra
LVU107Z MSD West Great Lakes Lakevu Ultra



Item # Title Quality 
281200 Flag Canada 12 X 18 Printed
191334 Flag Canada 2 X 3 Printed
191337 Flag Canada 3 X 5 Printed
142648 Flag Michigan 12 X 18 Printed
002600 Flag USA 12 X 18 Sewn
1220 Flag USA 2 X 3 Sewn
002460 Flag USA 3 X 5 Sewn