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Bermuda Passage and Route Planner

Bermuda Passage Planner Bermuda Map

Bermuda Paper Charts
  • Imray
    • IMR E5 Bermuda Island and Harbors
    • IMR 100 Atlantic Crossing Great Circle Charts
  • N.V. Charts
    • OGW5161 Newport, Rhode Island to Bermuda (Plotting Sheet)
    • OGW26030 Bermuda Operating Areas (OMEGA)
    • OGW108 Southeast Coast of North America including the Bahamas and Greater Antilles
    • OGW12 North Atlantic Ocean (North America to Africa)
    • OGW120 North Atlantic Ocean South Sheet
  • British Admiralty
    • B332 Grassy Bay Great & Little Sounds
    • B334 Bermuda
    • B360 Approaches to Bermuda
    • B867 North and South Channels to Great Sound
    • B868 Eastern and Western Approaches to The Narrows including Murray's Anchorage
    • B1073 Dundonald Channel To Hamilton Harbour
    • B1315 Five Fathom Hole Narrows St George
    • B4012 North Atlantic Ocean Southern Part
    • B4403 South East Coast of North America including the Bahama Islands and Greater Antilles
    • B4404 Gulf Of Maine To Strait Of Belle Isle
    • B4407 Trinidad To Mid-Atlantic Ridge

Bermuda Electronic Charts