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Partners And Friends

Telemar: A Marlink Group Company, specifically focused on the yachting community From our office in Ft. Lauderdale USA, Viareggio & Ancona ITALY and Shanghai CHINA.

Maritime Security Associates International Maritime Security Associates (IMSA™) provides commercial “off-the-shelf” and custom tailored solutions to our commercial, government and military clients to help them assess and improve their risk management; security; training; and regulatory compliance programs theough their award-winning software, ARMS.

Pacific Bound Yachts Zeidel & Co Yachting Essentials has opened a new showroom within the Bluewater Books & Charts Fort Lauderdale store. For over 100 years Zeidel's has crafted the finest nautical apparel to grace the five oceans and you can now purchase the same quality and old-world craftsmanship you have come to expect in this new showroom. 

The Triton Nautical News the leader in nautical news for captains and crews. Breaking news, daywork, classifieds, business directory, upcoming events and more.

Medical Support Offshore (MSOS) provides comprehensive support for clients across all the world’s oceans. MSOS delivers this service to a wide range of clients, from super yachts to families cruising around the world.
Peace of Mind, Go Anywhere.

National Marine Suppliers provides yacht supplies and yacht provisions. Fort Lauderdale marine supplies and yacht chandlers.

Yacht Chandlers, offering the full range of Marine Supplies and Provisions for Mega Yachts, we meet the demands of all departments on board with our extensive line of marine supplies and interior products, as well as the finest quality gourmet foods.

Bluewater Yachting with services including Charter, Sales, Training, Crew Placement, and Yacht Management.

Richman Marine, founded in 1992. is a yacht support company whose primary focus is supplying the world traveling, as well as the local yacht with the necessary parts, equipment, supplies and information that contribute to keeping the yacht on schedule and systems operational.

Richman Marine Wicked Uncle Toys and Gifts, founded over 12 years ago in the UK, now provides a range of carefully chosen, good value and fun toys and gifts delivered to the US and UK for the little sailor in your life. Perfect for birthdays, the holidays or just messing about in boats.