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Dive Into Bahamas: Cruising and Recreational Guides

Late summer and fall, Floridians take advantage of the quick 50 mile voyage from the U.S. mainland to the 700 islands of...
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Update your Digital Charts in 3 Simple Steps - Garmin, C-MAP, Navionics

Think of how often we update our phones, tablets, and computers. But when is the last time you updated your digital char...
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Maine Destination: New England Boating in 2021

Maine is the top destination for cruisers and yachts heading Northeast this summer and we have the tools to help you nav...
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Top Guides for Cruising California in 2021

The coast of Central and Southern California offers some of the most extraordinary--and challenging--cruising in the wor...
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Bluewater Sponsors Naked Warrior Fishing Tournament 2021

The Naked Warrior Project hosted the Third Annual Naked Warrior Project Fishing Tournament on April 24th at the Sands Ha...
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