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Top Guides for Cruising California in 2021

The coast of Central and Southern California offers some of the most extraordinary--and challenging--cruising in the wor...
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Bluewater Sponsors Naked Warrior Fishing Tournament 2021

The Naked Warrior Project hosted the Third Annual Naked Warrior Project Fishing Tournament on April 24th at the Sands Ha...
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Top 10 Guides for Cruising the Great Loop in 2021

America’s Great Loop circles over 6000 miles of the U.S. east coast and whether you fly a white or gold burgee a detai...
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Extreme Seafloor Detail with CMOR Mapping Data Cards

CMOR Mapping’s game-changing, high-resolution bathymetric imagery brings the ocean floor into an entirely new level of...
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Top 3 Guides for Cruising the Bahamas in 2021

With over 700 islands to explore and navigate through, it’s no wonder most Bahamas guides are updated annually in orde...
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