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C-Map - Jeppesen Update Program
If you have C-map chart chips, we can update your chips for a discounted price.

Visit us at the Bluewater Books and Charts retail store and let us update your old chips or you can send us your old chart chips and we can update them and send them back to you.

C-Map Chart Chips we can update
SD/MSD Card Max C Card
  • 4D
  • Max N+
  • Max
  • NT+ charts
Save 30% - 50% Off New Charts NT+ C Card NT+ FP Card
Updated charts can be for a different region but have to be in the same price class (Local/Wide/MegaWide). Not available as an online purchase.
Bluewater Circle

Visit us or send your chips to:

Bluewater Books and Charts
3233 SW 2nd Ave
Fort Lauderdale, FL. 33315