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Books relating to celestial navigation, cruising, boat design, electronics, maintenance, seamanship, and voyage stories.

Coffee Table Books

Oversized cocktail books which are perfect for display and entertainment.


Barometers, clocks, chart tubes, bells, barographs, barographs, thermometers, solar lights, and more.

Diving, Fishing, and Water Sports

Life on the water is always full of things to do. Read up on some of your favorite activities on the water.


There is something special about reading a classic novel while on the water.


Let's get cooking! Search through our diverse collection of cookbooks for the world travel, fisherman, or wannabe chef.


Phrasebooks, dictionaries, and study guides for the world traveler.

Medical and Safety Books

Emergencies at sea can happen to anyone. We recommend always having medical and emergency guides onboard.

Nautical History

Throw a little non-fiction into your book roatation and learn about some of the best true stories on the sea.

RYA Publications

The Royal Yachting Association is the national body for yachting, sail racing, sports boats, and personal watercraft on inland waterways.

Sea and Nature

Take one of these guides on your trip to learn more about and identify local flora and fauna.

Travel Books

Not as specific as a travel guide, these travel books help you learn the story and history behind some of the top world destinations.