Maine Destination:  New England Boating in 2021
Maine Destination: New England Boating in 2021 Amid Canadian Travel Restrictions

Built from the ground up on a history of family-owned shipbuilders, home to unparalleled nature along the Atlantic Coast, and historical destination of ships sailing “DownEast”. I am of course speaking about the land of lobster, lighthouses, and moose; Maine.

Maine sits humbly at the tip of New England, bordering New Brunswick and Quebec. Most years the marina’s are a stopping point for cruisers making way around Nova Scotia in the summer months. In 2021, the current restrictions in place for travel through Canada and its waters have caused a change of course among U.S. boaters eager to reach the St. Lawrence River like years past.

Maine is a top destination for cruisers and yachts heading Northeast this summer and we have the tools to help you navigate your way around New England with the best selling and most up to date guides and charts available.

Cruising Guide Maine Coast 6th Edition

1. Cruising Guide Maine Coast 6th Edition (Out of Print - New Edition in the Works)
The title of must have "Bible" of the Maine Coast cruising belongs to Hank and Jan Taft's Cruising Guide. The sixth edition, which was released late 2018, boasts nearly 500 pages of first hand experience from lifetime mariners and locals. Beyond the expected coverage of every harbor and anchorage this guide will offer you detailed background into Maine's history and expert advice on dealing with tides and fog.

Maptech Embassy Guide: New England Coast 15th Edition

2. Maptech Embassy Guide: New England Coast 15th Edition
Maptech's brand new and long awaited Embassy Cruising Guide to New England is has the second largest coverage on this list. Beginning at the coast of Rhode Island thise guide delivers NOAA chartlets to help you navigate through Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and ending in Maine through to the Canadian border. Pick up this guide if you value aerial photos, detailed color pages, and the most up to date information on the region.

Waterway Guide Northern 2021

3.Waterway Guide Northern 2021
The annually updated staple for Northest U.S. cruising is the Waterway Guide's Northern. The 2021 edition of Northern has the greatest coverage of any guide on this list with information from Cape May, the Hudson River, and Long Island Sound, which cannot be found elsewhere. If you are cruising up the Atlantic coast to New England, the Waterway Guide's coverage, aerial photos, anchorage information, and GPS waypoints may be the invaluable for your voyage.

Maptech Chartkit 2: Block Island, Rhode Island to the Canadian Border

4. Maptech Chartkit 2: Block Island, Rhode Island to the Canadian Border
The Chartkit companion to the Embassy Cruising Guide is Maptech's Block Island, RI to the Canadian Border. With 88 pages of full color charts, you will save hundreds of dollars by taking a Maptech Chartkit with you on you way through the Northeast. Over 500 pre-plotted waypoints means your passage planning is done for you. We recommend taking a chartkit on your journey regardless of which guide you have in your bridge.

Visual Cruising Guide To The Maine Coast

5.Visual Cruising Guide To The Maine Coast
James L. Bildner's Maine coast guide admittedly is the oldest on our list. However the information displayed in this concise and compact guide has stood the test of time with mariners grabbing them up each year even 16 years later. The Visual Guide has aerial photos, labeled approach lines, low-angled images, and chart segments from NOAA. If you like to have a visual aid while cruising then this guide has the channels and harbor approaches covered. We recommend taking charts or a Maptech Chartkit in addition to this guide to make up for the aging chart information.

Happy Cruising!
James Henjum
Bluewater Content Writer