HO-249 Vol 1 Davis Celestial Navigation Work Forms


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HO-249 Vol 1 Davis Celestial Navigation Work Forms

These work forms are used for the calculation of celestial observations of the principal navigational Stars and Polaris. The work of the navigator is simplified and the chance of making an error is reduced with these work forms. In pre-electronic navigation times, they provided a legal log to verify navigation activity. They are professionally designed for use by experienced navigators as well as for those learning to navigate.

These work forms are designed to be used in conjunction with PUB 249 Vol 1 Sight Reduction Tables for Air Navigation and the Nautical Almanac. An instruction guide is given on the first page and a sample form is on the back page.

Format: Paperback booklet

# of forms: 49 blank and one sample

Size: 8.5" x 11"