GPS Backup With A Mark 3 Sextant

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GPS Backup With A Mark 3 Sextant by David Burch

No power, and batteries used up? This book and an inexpensive Mark 3 sextant lets you carry on. Alternatively, if you want to learn a basic celestial navigation position fix for any reason with minimum investment, this book shows how to do that.

It is a short book; mostly tables. You can read it in an hour or two, master the sights in less than that, and find your position the next time you see the noonday sun.

The guiding principle for this booklet was to provide a means of learning and executing a position fix at sea when a vessel has lost its GPS navigation.

For mariners who do not have the opportunity to learn the full range of celestial navigation, this booklet and a Mark 3 sextant serve as an inexpensive backup that can be used to navigate across any ocean.

The almanac pages included have been custom designed to facilitate fast, easy solutions for Lat and Lon from the sun, plus we include a unique new Regiment of the North Star for easy Latitude by Polaris sights on any date.

Format: Paperback

# of pages: 100

Size: 6" x 9"

Author: David Burch